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Feel Lightness
This collection combines bridal gowns with laconic silhouettes but bold non-standard styles. Models are distinguished by clean lines, accentuated by a contrasting combination of sleek, shiny satin and mikado with the lightest chiffon. The highlight of the collection is the emphasis on decor: exquisite draperies, elaborate collars, high cuffs, stylish closure using fabric-trimmed buttons, three-dimensional appliqués and cute lace inserts that add lightness and grace to the silhouette, allow you to create the perfect wedding look - light, beautiful and unique.

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Golden Sun View collection
Golden Sun
The models of this collection shine and delight. Exquisite feminine silhouettes highlighted by deep V-necklines, bare shoulders, graceful open backs, delicate draperies and chic trains, perfectly highlight the winning forms, including non-standard, body types. Lace with gorgeous flowing coupons of deluxe flowers, airy layered skirts , shimmer of sequins and pearls, hand embroidery on corsets and other details favorably sets off the beauty of every bride, allows to create the effect of an extraordinary, magical wedding, plunge into the atmosphere of happiness.

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Royal Collection - a premium collection that includes exclusive models from the Couture line. The collection uses the latest fabrics of the highest quality, expensive spectacular lace with a great pattern, sparkling beads and rhinestones. Bold designer's solutions allowed us to create relevant and incredibly winning silhouettes, which perfectly emphasize the dignity of the figure. A unique combination of high style and bridal fashion trends, embodied with true royal luxury, create a dazzling, unique look for a bright outlet.

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Cappadocia's Sunrise View collection
Cappadocia's Sunrise
The collection is based on the tones of the dawn of a new day. We have created for you a shining world of maximum freedom and lightness!!! We've embodied everything that has become especially valuable and desirable in the models: expectations for the beginning of a bright and happy period of life, anticipation of unforgettable impressions, enjoying freedom, which is given by the endless spaces of the mountains under the endless sky.

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Los Angeles View collection
Los Angeles
The Los Angeles collection is a unique feminine line of the new wedding collection of the Elly brand, all the dresses in which are the embodiment of lightness and refinement. This collection is diverse and multi-faceted, so every bride will find something special, something perfect, something magical in it. Light and sparkle textured fabrics, handmade embroidery and magic lace - this and more, you can see in the dresses of this stylish collection. These dresses will become the main attribute of the bride's image and emphasize their beauty and individuality this season. And what better way to present these dresses to you than the warm Santa Monica sun and incredible LA sunsets?

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The NYC 2020 collection includes premium models that embody the latest catwalk trends in wedding fashion. This is the choice of a bride who appreciates a unique design, her own style, complex dynamic silhouettes and attention to the smallest details. The highest quality fabrics that were used in the collection creation, exclusive decoration with sparkling rhinestones, exquisite pearls and the finest handmade embroidery let us to make each model the brightest embodiment of modern wedding style. We created a unique spectacular image for the bride, which will be an unforgettable event even in the rich and rapid rhythm of the modern metropolis.

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White Mykonos View collection
White Mykonos
The White Mykonos collection is the aesthetics of the “Elly” brand, inspired by the dazzlingly shining sun and the mysterious blue sea. New shades, lightest, luxuriously decorated fabrics, beautifully embellished bodies, long train, multi-layered but weightless skirts that remind the translucent sea foam with their delicate texture, transfer the bride to a magical world where even the wildest dreams of happiness come true.

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