The season of wedding furs has started

Every season of the year has good advantages for doing weddings. Wedding experts cannot choose the ideal time for celebrations, because in every season people make excellent celebrations, which stay in the heart and memory for a long time.

The summer is finished and now the new autumn has already come. Everybody has to think about the wedding style of our beautiful brides and the convenience of wedding clothing in the period of the cold temperatures.

What can heat deeply every bride with making perfect style with her wedding clothes? The answer is wedding fur, which can heat well every woman and suit with beautiful wedding dress and other elements of the bride’s style.

You should consider to your wedding wardrobe the beautiful wedding fur or cloak.

Elly Company takes care about all our customers. Therefore, we propose a good system of discounts before the cold period outside.

In case of buying in bulk from 5 to 9 wedding furs, you will receive 2% of discount.

If you buy:

From 10 to 14 wedding furs, you will receive 3%;

From 15 to 19 wedding furs, you will receive 4%;

From 20 to 24 wedding furs, you will receive 5%;

From 25 and more wedding furs, you will receive 6%.