Summer season wedding dresses

Summer is the most beautiful season to have a wedding. It's warm, sunny, beautiful around... And it is on the way! And more and more future brides are concerned about finding and choosing wedding dresses. Why not experiment and embody the most perfect image, taking advantage of fashion trends?

What are wedding dresses models that wil be popular in the summer of 2018?

Fabrics. Wedding dresses of the summer 2018 are extraordinarily light, "flying" outfits that fill bridal images with unpretentiousness and ease. The most popular and successful fabrics for tailoring dresses are chiffon, veil, tulle, netting, lace and single-layered satin, organza.

Styles. As for the styles, classic gowns with multi-layered skirts and hoops are a bad choice, better stop on straight or slightly loose silhouettes. Many girls prefer short wedding pencil dresses, which can be stylish and coquettish, then transformed into more solemn ones with the help of a removable skirt. A very popular style is mallet dresses with an asymmetric skirt: gradually shortened in the front (often cascaded) down to maxi length, focusing attention on slender legs.

Long wedding dresses for summer season are very airy. The so-called cruise (beach) models of wedding dresses have a special success in this context. Softly flowing chiffon or silk folds in A-line and straight line skirts are harmoniously combined with lace tops. A corset can also be made of netting, effectively embellished with appliqués or voluminous flowers. Such models do not just look great, but also provide comfort and freedom of movement.

Girls wishing to stay aside from the classics can experiment with the style and choose a two-pieces wedding dress, which includes a shortened top and a skirt of a desired style.

Fashionable models. Summer wedding dresses – an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the beauty of the body with the help of certain open parts of the attire. These can be models with a naked back or shoulders (often decorated with lace). Thin or wide straps, short sleeves will also look appropriate. Another noticeable trend is a V-neck, which reaches the waist line in the most frank models. It seems like it splits a corset, in other models it is covered by the thinnest net insert. A high cut/several cuts on a skirt is another solution that can add a bit of seductiveness to an image.

Color solutions. It is considered that white color is the most suitable for the wedding dress. But why not use pastel colors for the summer season wedding? Delicate shades of pink, blue, ivory, mint, mango will emphasize the individual style and help to be noticed among other brides.